Wireless Telemetering system


The WIRELESS TELEMETERING SYSTEM consists of a set of units and sensors designed for wireless data transmission in UHF band. Other optional wireless sensors are available to satisfy more specific requirements. The laboratory includes:

  • Wireless Telemetering System
  • A set of WL sensors (optional)
  • Data Transmission System on Dedicated network (optional)
Training program

  • Study of basic networking and telemetering line structure
  • Data-Logger: Characteristics, performance, configuration and installation
  • Sensors: Characteristics, performance and positioning
  • Mechanical & Electrical installation techniques
  • Data transmission: Software installation, switch board setting, hardware setting and modem programming.
  • Study of international standard modulation and coding techniques
  • Study of synchronous and asynchronous communication
  • Study of dedicated line, half-duplex, full-duplex, point-to-point and multi-point system
  • Learning the control of modem operation, with test on interface and line in different loop
  • Learning remote loop control according to international standard
  • Study of serial interface circuits and wave forms in test points
  • Study of modem operation and programming
  • Measure of communication error rate
  • Use of interface tester and data tester
  • Study of line and noise effect on the link
  • Learning troubleshooting on communication system

Technical specifications
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