Electrical prevention systems in a building yard


This demonstration panel can be used by teachers for their lessons and by students for an easy learning and testing on electrical prevention systems supplying them with the means for verifying the rule of art and the relevant technical standards. Actual electrical devices installed, already connected with each other, enable to check the operation, besides carrying out the measurements of all the electric parameters with conventional instruments.

Training program

This panel can be used to defi ne the electrical installations of a building yard (power distribution via TT, TN or IT system) with reference to the following topics:

  • Main switchboard of power distribution
  • Department switchboard
  • Distribution cables laid on the ground and hanging by ropes
  • Protection of electric cables against mechanical damages in passage points
  • Fixed power consuming devices
  • Transportable power consuming devices
  • Movable power consuming devices
  • Portable power consuming devices
  • Powering the yard via TT, TN or IT system
  • Protection against direct contacts
  • Protection against indirect contacts
  • Earth conductor
  • Artificial earth plates
  • Natural earth plates
  • Equipotential connections

Furthermore, this panel can be used to carry out the following testing and measurements by instruments:

  • Suitability of materials and of equipment
  • Protection and breaking devices
  • Identification of neutral and earth conductors
  • Measurement of earth resistance
  • Continuity tests of protection conductors
  • Analyzing the functionality of differential circuit breakers
  • Measurement of isolation resistance
  • Checking the protection devices with automatic break
  • Measurement of fault loop resistance / impedance

Technical specifications